The Best Advocates:

We will be known for our passion for the cause and will be a committed local champion for the health and well-being of our fellow Pennsylvanians.

The Educators:

We intend to achieve our goals peacefully and strategically, through educating our communities. We will all work together to continue lobbying for the right of every ill Pennsylvanian to have access to this plant based therapy.

We will strive to be:

The Patients choice for treatment:

We will become the destination group for Pennsylvanians interested in our effort, by offering the convenience of multiple viewpoints, articles, news stories and additional resources, all in one place.

The plight of patients in PA:

We will bring attention to the patients of PA who suffer so needlessly, while waiting for the medical marijuana program to be implemented, as well as the patients whose conditions have not yet been included in the program. We will always strive to stay educated on research, potential conditions treatable with cannabis, local government efforts and becoming the grassroots effort patients and advocates reach out to statewide.

We are a Pennsylvania based community resource with the mission to educate the public, as well as our medical community, concerning the positive effects of the often misunderstood realm of cannabis treatment. Ultimately, our goal is to work toward ensuring access of safe and effective medical cannabis for patients in the state of Pennsylvania.

We will strive to bring awareness to: